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Catharsis, Pact with a Blue Devil, Angola

September 9, 2007

Several interesting things are afoot.

First, after playtesting While You’re Far Away with Josh (for whom I wrote the game originally), I finished up an updated version which will be printed in Elizabeth’s magazine, Catharsis.

Second, I recently agreed to co-develop a crossover hippy/traditional game with Justin D. Jacobson of Blue Devil Games, who may or may not be joining us here at Secret Wars. The idea is to try to bridge the silly internet bullshit about the divide between indie and traditional games by pairing up designers for collaborative projects. I’m pushing for us to use d20 as a base, since I’ve never played it or played with it before, but we’ll see how that develops.

Thirdly, Jason Morningstar has posted yet another game design challenge, which has, I think, goaded me into writing a game about Angola based on Malcolm Craig’s Cold City. This post is becoming a dumping point for my wikipedia research on Angolan history (which I’ve already read a bunch about while researching South Africa for work). Here goes: