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August 13, 2007

I realize we just got back in the gear of things, but my posting on Secret Wars will unfortunately be disrupted by attending GenCon over the next week (Tuesday to Tuesday, approximately). I’m sure I will be buzzing with new info and ideas upon my return, but I’m not sure if I’ll have the time or energy to conduct any real design work while I’m there, aside from playtesting Giger Counter and Avatar.

If you are a Secret Wars reader who I’ve not met, please feel free to come find me at GenCon! I will be manning the Games-on-Demand table for much of the time and also will be running Joshua BishopRoby’s Full Light Full Steam as part of Indie Games Explosion. I will also be working to promote the Indie Passport program, since I helped Fred Hicks organize it, and generally hanging with the alt-roleplaying crowd. We are nice and friendly!

In any case, see you on the flipside.


New Digs

August 2, 2007

Both Shreyas and I have been moving residences this past week. Before that, I was at a week-long conference for work. Thankfully, the bulk of that is behind us and we will soon be fighting the Secret Wars once more.

We’ve missed you too.


computer troubles

May 19, 2007

Hi guys, Shreyas here.

My computer is in the shop for some work, so I won’t really be able to post here this weekend. Hopefully compy will be okay by Monday night so I’ll only miss two days. I’ll be writing posts though! Longhand! So Jon what I think you should do is post as if I were also posting, and I’ll interleave my posts with yours and backdate them as I get back up to speed.


Working Draft

May 17, 2007

So I was talking with the clever and excellent Annie Rush, who said to me, “Shreyas, I don’t really know what’s going on with your game,” and then suggested that I do as she does, and keep a singular document with the whole thing in it. How could I have overlooked this? So my task tonight is to assemble a working draft where you can see all the pieces in one piece. It’s not all-the-way together yet, but it will be by morning.


Game Design Battleblog

May 16, 2007

I’m going to take this post to explain our plans for Secret Wars at this point. We probably should have done this earlier.

Shreyas and I really like the idea of being motivated to work on game design every day, as practice and as a way of being productive at finishing up outstanding projects. So we set up Secret Wars with the following guidelines, which have developed over time:

  1. Each participant posts once a day, no more, no less.
  2. You can’t post two things in a row, so prod your comrades to post if they haven’t.
  3. You don’t have to always be working on the same design project, but you always have to be working on something. If you finish one, move on to the next or post about playtesting.
  4. Once you’ve gotten to the point where you have a working or playtest draft, keep it on a separate page and post updates to it.

Theoretically, I guess, we’re open to the idea of other game designers joining the blog, as long as they’re willing to commit to the steady, non-stop posting regimen we’ve set out here. But we haven’t approached anyone yet or had anyone express interest, so we’ll deal with making those decisions when and if it comes up.

Right now, we’re just having fun writing games back and forth, and it feels good to be this productive. Personally, I’ve been feeling really good about game design ever since I started working on my Afraid hack and hope that will carry me through finishing up that game, Avatar, The Good Ship Revenge, and maybe a few more things.