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Mwaantaangaand v0.1

September 23, 2007

Just posted the final intial draft of Mwaantaangaand, a game that seeks to bring the fun developments that I’ve been working on in various other design projects to people who don’t care about Avatar or Exalted.

The game is heavily inspired by Malcolm Craig’s Cold City, but it runs on a largely “structured freeform” system that has a bit of strategy and resource manipulation involved in the way corrupted spirits are fought.

The premise of the game involves a coalition of soldiers from the various factions of the Angolan Civil War descending into the land of the dead to destroy the horrors created by Project Coast, South Africa’s biological weapons program.

Shreyas says he has a lot to say about it, so maybe he’ll say some of it here.

P.S. I wrote it for Jason Morningstar’s game design contest.