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More Places

July 11, 2007
Artist’s Studio
There is a dusty, raised wooden pedestal for a model to stand on; if you stand on the pedestal, it does not disturb the dust. However, a bowl of wax fruit– pear, orange, apple, split pomegranate– are not dusty at all. There’s a big flip-easel with many intricate charcoal drawings, but the faces are always blank. Some of the drawings look as though they match up with masks from the Mask Hall.
Bookbinding Room
This room is full of vellum, canvas, leather, and boards, the supplies of the bookmaker’s trade. The walls are hung with tools. There is a work table by the window, which is caked with old blood that runs down into a drain.
The stained-glass windows are black with soot. There are a few hymnals, but all their pages have been torn out. Hanging above the altar is an enormous crucifix, four or five times life size, and hanging from Christ’s right hand, tied on with a harp string, is a plain key. The harp it came from is in a corner.
Dining Room
The windows of this hall are wide open, and let in a cold dry wind. On the dining table is a sumptous meal, half-eaten, and now desiccated and crumbling.
There is no food in the kitchen, but there are lots of empty iron pots. One is sitting on the fire.
Stone Nest
This door opens onto a rooftop, where there is a jumbled pile of columns, pillars, buttresses, and pediments. If one climbs into it, one notices that the pile is shaped like a shallow bowl, and in the centre there is a huge boulder shaped like an egg.
Younger Girl’s Room
This plce has peeling pink wallpaper. There’s a tea set on a wicker table; one cup is halfway full of tepid water and always warm to the touch. The dollhouse is an exact replica of the mansion as it first was, except there’s a wooden door in the boy’s room in the dollhouse-analog. The door is painted on.

Some Characters We Talked About

June 29, 2007

My players are great. We brainstormed some character concepts last night, and they are awesome. Check it:

This character is in another room when something happens to his wife. He knows that he can save her if he can get to her in time. As he passes through the door into the room she’s in, he arrives in the mansion.
The Criminal
This character is on Death Row. entering the execution chamber, he arrives in the mansion.
The Maya
This character enters the mansion while exiting the sweat lodge of a temple, where priests and royalty perform austerities.
The Vision Quester
This character believes he is on a vision quest, and views everything in the mansion like it is a symbolic message.

Laying out the Mansion

June 28, 2007

The map in┬áprogress So, I’m putting together the rooms-so-far in a halfway sensible arrangement. You can see that there are more doors than rooms to connect to; this is so that, when the rooms of the mansion shift, they may reconnect into new configurations more easily. I have some loose ideas about what kind of events in play might cause the rooms to move.


Minotaur Character Sheet

June 26, 2007

Minotaur Character Sheet Now I’m ready! I was a little unhappy with the character sheet that came in the box so to speak, so I went and made this one.


Places to See, Things to Wonder

June 15, 2007

I’m working on filling the mansion with strange sights and sounds. Many thanks to those at RPGnet and Story Games who contributed! I’ve used some of your ideas whole-cloth, and adapted some as well. Also thanks to Liam and Ursula who inspired me.

It seems like it is always dawn or dusk outside the great glass dome of this room. Inside, everything is startlingly red. It turns out that all the trees are covered in butterflies.
From within can be heard sounds of splashing and singing but if you open the door, there’s just an empty bathtub.
Boys’ Room
This place is kind of austere. There’s some muddy clothes in one corner, and in another corner is the bear clock. The chest of toys at the foot of the bed is empty. On the table is a rusty iron key.
Chamber of Lights
This room is full of chandeliers and candelabra and lanterns and lamps of every description. It’s dazzling. A few of the lights have gone out, and in one of these is a keychain, with a glass bauble and a plain brass key.
Elder Girl’s Room
Notable in this room is a little golden key on a golden chain, and a Rococo mirror, all framed in writhing cherubs and serpents. It’s old and slightly warped, and when you look in it, it always seems like there are things moving around behind you. Alphabeth lives here.
Empty Cistern
There is no water here, but the fish remain, transparent, silvery things undulating through the lower airs. One of them is heavy and slow, and in its belly is an ivory key.
Empty Room A
A young, attractive man can be found in this room, usually scribbling on the floor or walls with a bit of chalk. He doesn’t seem to understand the idea of ‘outside’; he takes no notice of things going on outside his room, and can’t be induced to leave it.
Empty Room B
Three huge stone blocks, wide enough for two men to stand abreast, hang from the ceiling on rusty iron chains. They are at different heights; the lowest is close enough to the floor to climb.
High Tower
It’s clear from other parts of the mansion that this room occupies the entire top floor of the tower. But, in one of its walls is a big door, with a big keyhole. Many keys seem to fit in it and turn, and they make the clicking noise of an opening lock. But it’s not clear what they are opening and closing.
It is full of books that are trees in every way but appearance. Footsteps rustle gently. The books are rough-textured, their pages warm and waxy, feel like they have just been in the sun.
Mask Hall
A long hallway with a few doors, and a great many masks, hung facing each other in pairs. The masks range from crude slabs of clay or wood with eye-marks and the barest hint of a mouth to exquisite creations of feathers and precious metal. Each mask is carefully hung on the wall, two meters from the ones on either side, and a small plaque hangs beneath it, inscribed in a language you do not know. Perhaps it is Sanskrit, or Urdu, or Babylonian; there are several different writing systems in use. There is no light in the Hall; visitors must bring their own.
Portrait Gallery
Another hallway full of art, this time, many paintings of many similar-looking people, with stringy brown hair and sharp noses and weak chins. No one in the mansion looks like that anymore.
Puzzle Garden
Here there is a terribly overgrown knot garden, turned into a maze by long disuse. Skeletons of songbirds are caught here and there in the branches.
Room of Stars
This round room has a dark blue roof, and many metal arcs crossing it studded with huge pearls for stars. There is also a rock-crystal moon and six planets, through which the room is lit with a pale, flickering light. In the centre of the room is a huge alabaster sphere, and balanced on top is a long silver key. There is an illegible inscription on a rusty plaque on the wall.
Winter Pavilion
In one of the lesser gardens is a whitewashed pavilion. Tractor Duncan can usually be found around here.


June 13, 2007

So, I’m taking a little break from Story of the Seed to do some prep for a Mortal Coil game I’m running with my peeps. It’s called MINOTAUR, all-caps please.

The idea is, like, here you are in a big old mansion. It’s strange and lonely, a little magical, a little mysterious. There are odd birds that fly down the halls, and somewhere deep within, there is the muffled bellowing of a beast.

You’re lost in the house. And, what’s worse, you heard the door lock when you came in, and you have no key.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you some neat things about the mansion and its denizens.

(ps I’m back! I was on vacation IRL where there are no internets)