About Us

Shreyas: hey, do you want to do a, um, design duel?
Shreyas: i have a document that i won’t finish sans deadline
Jonathan: sure
Jonathan: do i need to pick, like, the pirate game?
Shreyas: whatever

Shreyas Sampat and Jonathan Walton really like the idea of being motivated to work on game design every day, as practice and as a way of being productive at finishing up outstanding projects. So we set up Secret Wars with the following guidelines, which have developed over time:

  1. We each post once a day, more or less.
  2. One of us can’t post two things in a row, so we have to prod each other to post.
  3. We can switch between design projects as inspired, but always have to be working on something.
  4. Once we have working or playtest drafts, we’ll post them on separate pages and post updates from on out, until it’s more or less done.

Theoretically, I guess, we’re open to the idea of other game designers joining the blog, as long as they’re willing to commit to the steady posting regimen we’ve set out here. But we haven’t approached anyone yet or had anyone express interest, so we’ll deal with making those decisions when and if it comes up.

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