Slave to the Inside Light

September 16, 2007

Maybe that’s not how the story of the seed works at all.

Maybe, instead, it is a battle between the stirring darkness and the nameless light:

Every heroic tradition has its Crown, the thing it must be; the drive to claim the heroic crown is urgent and visceral, and its achievement is a moment of exhilarating relief. But it has its Darkness as well, the struggle that follows it forever and ever. The Darkness is not idle, either; it lives and breathes. In its murky viscera, it nurses a plan, an ultimately self-destructive urge that thrashes and mangles everything it can touch. See for instance the Black Peacock Maiden:

Black Peacock Maiden

Crown: I must love and have my love returned. In my world, you are the moon, the air, the sea; nothing matters but us. How will I claim your heart?
Shadow: I will take what I cannot have, and be most desirable to those that are forbidden me; my face will launch a thousand ships. My love has no rules. I will find the love that destroys you.

Every piece-of-god has a core of Light, its bright fountain of truth, and a thing to which it awards its Wreath, to which it is unthinkingly loyal, to which it bends without a flicker of insouciance.

I dunno. The seed is blooming and changing, well see what comes of it.



  1. I think this is the most exciting idea I’ve seen from SotS so far.

  2. Honestly, I think this is awesome, but I would rather it was not expressed as a dualism, because I feel like that’s a bad way of looking at the world. Seems like Crown could be as bad or worse than the Shadow anyway. Can they be paired traits without one seeming to have a negative valence? For example, the Crown & the Sword?

  3. Well, love is what you make of it, right?

    But you have me thinking that this is like, maybe not the story, but in the game it is, there are these spiritual organs and each one has a definite polarity…everything can potentially exalt you or make trouble for you, but Crowns do it by exerting power over others, and Swords do it by engaging in struggle, and Shadows do it by blinding your wisdom….

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