Wandering through an Endless Palace

September 12, 2007

So, here’s a new way to think about the seed.

Every situation is a tile, a chamber with four doors. It’s the metaphoric place an argument is argued. Each door has a sign, and inside the chamber is a pot of coins. Some chambers have gardens instead, and they don’t have doors or coins, only doorways and wind and water. When you settle a chamber’s argument, it turns into a garden.

You can exit a chamber by passing through one of the doors. To do so, you have to read the sign and produce the emotional key it describes: anger, sacrifice, joy, sadness, whatever. If the sign has nothing written on it, you can decide what to put there. When you leave, put a coin in the pot of coins. The point of this is that it creates emotional inertia in the chamber. Maybe you don’t have to describe your movements unless you are interacting with another character or breaking a door.

You can force a door to which you have no key, but it costs you stars of war, one star for every coin in the pot. This changes the door, inscribes the new emotional key on it based on what you did.

Maybe, if you do what Hungry Darkness wants, you can scatter the pot of coins.

When you pass through a door, you enter the nearest chamber in sight; you can’t pass through a door if you see no chamber. If you enter a garden, you can stop there or you can pass through it, without turning, into the next chamber. But if someone is in the garden, they can stop you, by saying, “Stay and (do something) with me.” Then, you have no choice but to stay, as to go would give affront.

Where do you get your keys? Your hero soul and your pieces-of-god give them to you.


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