Dong Chensheng vs. Aliens

July 12, 2007

If I could have any cover art I wanted for Nine Suns, I’d choose Dong Chensheng’s “Yi Shoots Nine Suns” (yi she jiu ri). Nobody does a better depiction of the neolithic archer king than Mr. Dong.


Also, we played Giger Counter last night at StoryGames Boston and it went pretty well. The aliens ended up killing all the humans, but only barely. If the humans had bothered to pick up all the equipment laying around and used it against the aliens, they might have won. I feel like I just need to play it a bunch more and keep tweaking the numbers slightly to get the balance right (so that, in most cases, one or two humans will manage to survive). Otherwise, it’s pretty much ready to go, once I update the current draft to reflect this last playtest.

So now I’m all set to run Giger Counter at GenCon as planned, in a scenario based on Clint Kraus’ Roanoke where some mysterious thing is preying on the earliest English colony. I can’t wait. Should be a great time.



  1. Oh my, please tell me Nine Suns isn’t an abandoned project. It looks all kinds of awesome. I’m a professor of early Chinese art history and this just makes me happy.

  2. […] Suns: Tragic Co-Op Board Game? Someone commented over on Secret Wars, asking if I’d given up on finishing Nine Suns Must Fall (a.k.a. the Shang Dynasty divination […]

  3. Thanks for reminding me about this! You inspired me to brainstorm a possible direction for this to go in today.


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